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St Paul's Cof E Primary School

We Can Do All This Through Him Who Gives Us Strength


There is a great energy at St Paul’s that influences our curriculum, sporting aspirations, music and daily life.

Underpinning all that we do is our Christian faith and commitment to the Convention for the Rights of a Child within a safe learning environment. 

Our children are joyful risk takers, curious learners, intelligent thinkers, polite servants who support and are supported by one another in faith and friendship.

As a community of parents, friends, school staff and governors we are aspiring to nurture a child who can stand tall in the world that they inhabit, committed to their wellbeing and promoting it.  Without doubt their future world will be very different to ours but if we walk together and see our common duty is to equip our children spiritually and with as many resources as possible then, whatever world they walk in, they will do so with success.  And when it is their turn, they too will take on the duty of supporting tomorrow’s children.


Anthony David, Executive Head Teacher

Harriet Jones, Head of School