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Back to School - our vision

For most children, coming back to school is exciting but for some there may be mixed or negative feelings after such a long period away.  There has never been a year like this and it is quite understandable that your child/ren might be feeling some sort of anxiety.  Schools are very sociable places as well as academic and fitting back in to it, when most of the last year has been spent with just their immediate family, can be daunting. 

This is something that we understand and are preparing ourselves for.  All of the staff are undertaking additional well-being training over the coming term so we are in the best position to spot any concerns.  It may well be that your child initially starts confidently and then concerns present themselves at a later point.  Please be assured that we will be looking out for your child but equally please let us know if there any concerns that are discussed at home.  Together we can best support your child and help them to understand themselves after such an unusual year. As a church school we have a mandate to care for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our community, a duty that we take seriously.

We are reflecting our curriculum to meet the immediate needs of our children. As you know, we launched our Curiosity Curriculum in September which we believe will be a good base for learning in the school.  We will be increasing the amount of sports activity and range of sports for the rest of the year to encourage exercise, provide more regular learning breaks and help re-unite the classes.  Our vision is clear in that we want children to have a sense of joy in their learning and that is central to our return strategy.  Also central is assessing progress and then from those assessments making adjustments to the learning programme and support to ensure no child gets left behind. We make no apology that as a school we are always aiming for excellence and we know that the best way to do this is by creating a learning environment where children feel confident to take learning risks and challenge themselves.  We are proud that all of our children, whatever their ability, make good progress and that is a characteristic that will not change.

There will be no quick fix. Our plan will be set out for the next eighteen months in order to best meet the needs of our school.  It will be a community effort but we strongly believe that together - parents, pupils and professionals - we can support all of our pupils and their unique needs as we return to what we once called normal.

Below is a useful booklet developed by Barnet that you may wish to read to help support your child as they return to full time education:

Returning to school tips