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St Paul's Cof E Primary School

We Can Do All This Through Him Who Gives Us Strength

School Partnership

Over the last seven years St Paul’s has developed two close school partnerships.


Millbrook Park

In 2012 St Paul's and the LDBS Trust were  invited to bid for, as then, an unnamed new school within the parish. Eighteen months later, Millbrook Park opened as the second Church of England school serving the Parish of St Paul's under the leadership of the LDBS with a shared Executive Head across both schools.  The school is very different to St Paul's in that it is a large, modern campus but shares similar ambitions for its community and has grown to be a deeply respected school within the community.  Although the Executive Headteacher has now stepped away, the school continues to flourish under its Headteacher, Nicola Dudley.

Monken Hadley

In September 2019, St Paul’s entered into a second partnership with Monken Hadley Church of England Primary School.  The school is located in the north of Barnet and is very similar to St Paul's in ethos and community.  Although still very much in its early period the schools have both benefited from shared curriculum and resources.  Already it is proving that there are great benefits to the partnership.

LDBS Barnet Schools

St Paul’s is also part of a community of 14 Church of England Schools within Barnet.  These schools meet formally three times a year with the area advisor, Jayne Pavlou. Since 2018, the schools have also been meeting to worship once a year with Year 3 pupils representing each school.  Other recent examples of how the schools have worked in partnership include a higher ability writing programme for Year 6 in 2018-19 and shared strategies during the recent Covid-19 crisis in 2020.  The current Chair is Anthony David, Executive Head Teacher of St Paul’s and Monken Hadley Primary Schools.

Thanwe School - Prayer Partner School

In 2019 St Paul's began a prayer partnership with Thanwe School, Malawi.  The aim of the partnership is simple; we are to pray for each other, for thanks, for our needs and to praise God.  The school's link is with Chris Scutt, who met the school in November 2019 to explain his work with Thanwe School and to explore a bit about Malawi and the type of country that it is.

Just as we started to get things going, the pandemic began.  As in our country, schools closed as families and governments locked down.  As with our country there was illness and sadness. 

But we are now entering a new phase, one of hope.  We have asked Thanwe to pray for the following:

  • a healthy and safe return to school
  • for patience and kindness as we re-new relationships
  • for energy from the staff and families as we support children to catch up on their learning
  • for a rekindling of our partnerships with the church and community

We have asked for prayers from Thanwe and will post them here and in the news letters when we receive them.