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School Association

St Paul's has a vibrant school association who provide a great way to socialise with one another as well as raising thousands of pounds for the children of St Paul's each and every year.

To be a member of the Association is easy: you simply need to have a child coming to the school.

Every event, every conversation, every pound raised helps support your child's learning at school and supports becoming confident learners for the future.

Our Association has championed the school's environmental movement and the Bags2school recycling programme has now become a standard within the school and manages to raise over £700 a year with just 2 bag-drives.  Much of this money goes to charities linked to the school, including UNICEF. 

Our current Chair is:

 Chair: Deanna Cohen

Current Class Reps:

Year R:  Anne and Lorraine

Year 1: Jenni and Sarah

Year 2: Marissa and Selina

Year 3: Amy and Jenny

Year 4: Parisa and Ros

Year 5: Lindsey and Ugo

Year 6: Mariette and Monique

WhatsApp Code of Conduct

At St Paul’s we are fortunate to have a very active School Association who not only support the school through various initiatives to raise money but also give valued time to ensure fundraising events can go ahead.

To facilitate communication between class reps and parents, each class has a WhatsApp group, this also enables networking and support between parents/carers as part of our community.  


  • For safeguarding reasons, it is important to check all members are parents/carers of a child in the class before allowing them into the group
  • Parents/carers of children who have left the school will be removed from the current group.

Code of Conduct

  • The class rep(s) should be the group administrator

  • All members of the group should be respectful to all other parent/carers, children and staff at all times.

  • Please do not use the WhatsApp group to resolve difficulties between children or families or to raise issues about the school. Please contact your child’s class teacher or a member of senior leadership or follow the school’s Complaints Procedure as appropriate.

  • Class WhatsApp groups are not to be used to share political or religious views; advertising or sales promotions or birthday news

  • Photos, videos and names of children other than your own should not be shared; some children do not have permission to have their information shared.

  • Parents/carers will be removed if they do not follow the Code of Conduct for the group.

Speak to your class teacher, or a member of senior leadership if:

  • Someone in the group posts something that is aggressive or abusive

  • Someone says something that suggests a child may be at risk of harm

  • Someone makes an allegation about inappropriate behaviour of a member of school staff.

St Paul’s School does not accept responsibility or liability for the posts on the Class WhatsApp groups and the activity of its members.