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Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom and what does it do?

Google Classroom enables teachers to create an online classroom area in which they can manage all the documents that their pupils need.

Documents are stored on Google Drive and can be edited in Drive’s apps, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and so on. But what separates Google Classroom from the regular Google Drive experience is the teacher/student interface, which Google designed for the way teachers and pupils think and work. 

Google Classroom allows us to do the following tasks:

  • Make assignments: The main thing you, as the teacher, will do with Google Classroom is making homework assignments for pupils. When a teacher creates an assignment, they can upload the necessary documents for the pupils to read or work on. Pupils receive e-mail notification of new assignment. The pupils “turn in” the assignments when finished, and the teacher can then mark the assignments.
  • Set and mark tests: paper based tests can be transferred onto Google Forms and set either during school or at home. These tests are immediately marked and a teacher can then either analyse each pupil, a group or whole class for learning trends.
  • Store classroom materials: The materials staff add to an assignment aren’t the only documents that they can store. They can store any other necessary documents for pupils on Google Drive.
  • Allow pupils to interact: pupils have the ability to comment on assignments and announcements, as well as e-mail each other through the Classroom interface.

It is a closed learning environment meaning that only pupils and staff members of St Paul’s can interact with our pupils. This helps to make this a safe learning environment.

How do I find Google Classroom?

Each child will be provided with G-Classroom link and password. 

This will be unique for each child.

To enter you will need to go to: